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Stubbing Global Methods in JavaScript

I have recently dug into building some data generators. Building out what is a personal version of faker that is catered to my own needs. The first thing to generate was random numeric strings. These are strings that only contain numbers, but could also support leading zeros.

Isolation is Stability in Unit Tests

Unstable tests lead to a bad time for the people that rely upon them. An intermittent failing test can cause a big loss of effort on a team long-term. They can lead to cases where a test runs fine for one person 90% of the time while another person has a much higher chance of failure. Or pull requests randomly being rejected until the tests are re-ran.

Terminal Configuration

The crown jewl of software development, a terminal to access the command line interface. In the land between graphical interfaces and command line is where one of the greatest wars among programmers is fought. Do you go all-in on keyboard navigation to everything and utilize the terminal with brutal efficiency? Or do you choose to relax your mental load and use point-and-click interfaces to get things done?